2021/08/16 16:54

#1 Deep in the forest

Televisions and Internets seem noisy these days but the town is quiet.

I have always been fine with not seeing people that much. However, I kind of felt tired of this weird noisiness and decided to visit the forest with my friend.

The forest is separated from the world of humans. There is a profound silence but when I close my eyes I notice there are a lot of signs of lives. Soft breeze stirring the tree leaves, insects flying around, and birds singing. The sounds are completely different from where I live. Their noises are comfortable.

In the forest I breathe deeply. Inhale and exhale slowly.

I get it, God gave us this opportunity to spend our time like this.

Now that I am here, I do not desire to travel the outside world at all because when I gaze at the woods I find amazing things I have never seen before.

This is the time for me to face the place I stand. Let’s take a deep breath again and make our ways into the deep forest.

#2 Dark night

coming soon